PUBLIC Speaker

With expertise related to social justice, mental health, and health disparities (e.g., HIV, depression), religion and spirituality, ethnic and racial minority issues, and LGBT issues, Dr. Lassiter is an experienced public speaker.

Talks at the Schomburg: Black LGBT Health in the United States


Rootedness in Afrocentric Spirituality: A Path to Wellness and Well-being; Keynote at the BPEETalks in New Orleans


Jonathan Mathias Lassiter, PhD discussing the importance of Black (African) psychology for Black actors and creative professionals (with Dr. Sharrell D. Luckett and Professor Kashi Johnson)


Dr. Lassiter has served as a keynote speaker and guest lecturer at several institutions including Johns Hopkins University, Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University, Judson Memorial Church, Harlem Hospital, Connecticut College, Winston-Salem State University, and the Opportunity Conference. He has given book talks at venues such as the Ruth Ellis Center, the Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center, and City University of New York. He has also shared his scholarly research at numerous conferences of professional organizations including the American Psychological Association, Association of Black Psychologists, and the American Public Health Association.

His talks and the question and answer periods that follow them are engaging, welcoming mass demonstrations of thinking critically out loud. He especially enjoys participating in town halls with community members discussing issues of social justice and health.

SAMPLE list of topics dr. lassiter is available to speak about:

Black LGBT Health: Risk and Resilience

Religion, Spirituality, and Sexuality in the Lives of Black Gay and Same Gender Loving People

Spirituality and HIV Prevention

Afrocentric Spirituality and Its Healing Potential for Black Americans

Navigating Mental Health Stigma in Communities of Color

Afrocentric Psychology and Racial Trauma Healing

Whiteness in the Psychological Sciences and Practice

Wellness in the Workplace

Diversifying Healthcare in the 21st Century and Beyond